Residential New Construction

Residential New Construction

The places we live are a reflection of who we are.

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We strive to design dwellings that reflect the best of our clients and get to the essence of what they aspire to create.

The places where we live and the articulation of shelter are basic needs shared by all of humanity.  Through them, we learn many things about the people and cultures that dwell in them.  They provide clues about a way of life.  They are comfortable and human in scale, be it through the scale of window openings, division of space by color and material, or ease of ascending a staircase carefully designed just for us.  The best do not overwhelm or undermine our being.  They are where we go to retreat at the most intimate scale of human existence. 

We believe good design lifts the spirit and should function for the long-term. We respond to your needs and the environment to create spaces people and communities love. We believe in the importance of honest communication and rigorous collaboration. We understand that managing the process of design is as important as a creative outcome. Our focus is on creating beautiful and functional spaces that serve our clients in the most intimate way and get to the essence of what and why they are looking to build. 

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