A lifelong creator, Laney loves the design process. Whether she’s painting, cooking, or elbow deep in playdoh with her boys, it’s the experimenting she most enjoys. She believes that a little extra energy in the creative process is worth its weight in gold and the key to reaching a desired end-product.

After receiving a BA in Art History from the University of the South and a few years exploring opportunites abroad and in Charlotte, NC, Laney decided to focus on her creative energy for design and pursue a Master of Architecture degree from UNCC.  She completed this in 2011 and years later, Laney has found a home at Teague Studio. Each client has a unique circumstance and need, and she has found a passion in solving these puzzles.

When Laney’s not exercising her creative side, she’s busy trying to keep her boys busy. She’s found this reduces damage to the Nix family home and personal property.

We believe good design lifts the spirit and should function for the long-term. We respond to your needs and the environment to create spaces people and communities love. We believe in the importance of honest communication and rigorous collaboration. We understand that managing the process of design is as important as a creative outcome. Our focus is on creating beautiful and functional spaces that serve our clients in the most intimate way and get to the essence of what and why they are looking to build. 

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