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99 Spring Street

99 Spring Street

On a postage stamp lot in downtown Charleston, SC, the client owned a piece of property that housed a single house dating to the mid 1800s.

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The existing house had seen a series of renovations over time and was divided into two apartments. The clients had a law practice and rented space on a nearby street, but wanted to maximize use of their own property and build a new law office and additional residential unit behind the existing historic single house.

Working within the tight constraints of the site, City of Charleston Zoning requirements, and Board of Architectural Review regulations, Teague Studio was able to fit just what the client needed. This involved aligning the new construction with the existing and tucking it into the back of the site so that it is not visible from the street. Site logistics, parking, accessibility, and designing within the historic context provided interesting challenges, and Teague Studio found creative ways to accommodate the needs of the client while keeping the various agencies and entities satisfied. 

99 Spring - site entry


Site Entry

The existing house and new addition maximize the footprint of this downtown Charleston footprint.

99 Spring - accessibility



This accessible restroom showcases unique features, clean lines and contrasting materials.   

99 Spring - office


Natural Light

Natural light illuminates this office space and creates a bright and professional work environment.   

99 Spring - breakroom



Clean lines, calming colors and contrasting materials create a unique space for coffee breaks and snacks.

99 Spring - kitchen


Upstairs Residential Unit

Crisp and clean lines help this efficient kitchen create an inviting feel as you enter the apartment above the office.   

99 Spring - bedroom


Window Details

The contrasting finish of the windows creates a unique feel to the bedroom of the upstairs residential unit. 

99 Spring - upstairs bath



Sleek fixtures, beautiful materials and natural light make this upstairs residential unit's bathroom bright and inviting.  

99 Spring - upstairs restroom



Soothing color and texture define this upstairs bath.

99 Spring - exterior


99 Spring Street

Where old and new are connected with a hyphen.

We believe good design lifts the spirit and should function for the long-term. We respond to your needs and the environment to create spaces people and communities love. We believe in the importance of honest communication and rigorous collaboration. We understand that managing the process of design is as important as a creative outcome. Our focus is on creating beautiful and functional spaces that serve our clients in the most intimate way and get to the essence of what and why they are looking to build. 

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